Payroll Administrator Course

This workshop is designed to provide a mid-to-high level insight of the legislative requirements for proper practice and administration of a salary and benefits (compensation) system in an organisation. Participants will develop an understanding of mandatory as well as the discretionary components of payroll administration. The course will equip the participants with the appropriate techniques in handling day-to-day payroll issues at the administrator’s level. This course complements our current Sage EasyPay hands-on training.

Training Duration and Fee

2-days course 
Time : 9.30am to 5.30pm
Fee : S$ 535 / pax (Includes GST)

Course Outline

Day 1
Section 1 Key Legislation issues: The Singapore Employment Act (Cp 91)
1-1 Part I: Coverage
1-2 Part II: Contract of Service versus Contract for Service
1-3 Part III: Payment of Salary (& Authorised Salary Deductions)
1-4 Part IV: Rest Days, Hours of work & Other Conditions of Service
1-5 Part VIA: Part-time Employees
1-6 Part IX: Maternity Protection & Benefits & Childcare Leave for Parents
1-7 Part X: Holiday & Sick Leave Entitlements
Section 2 Central Provident Fund Act (Cp 36)
2-1 Reasoning for CPF contributions
2-2 Mechanics of CPF computation

Day 2
Section 3 Income Tax Matters
Section 4 Retirement Act & Re-Employment (Cp 274A)
Section 5 National Servicemen (Employment) Act (Cp 202)
Section 6 Work Injury Compensation Act (Cp 354)
Appendix Case Scenarios & Computations

Training Dates

14/6 (Tues) & 15/6 (Wed)
21/7 ((Thurs) & 22/7 (Fri)
22/8 (Mon) & 23/8 (Tues)
26/9 (Mon) & 27/9 (Tues)
17/10 (Mon) & 18/10 (Tues)
14/11 (Mon) & 15/11 (Tues)

Who Should Attend

HR Directors, HR Managers, Non-HR Managers, Compensation Managers, Accounts personnel, and any personnel who is involved or is required to know about the payroll administration and details of how an effective payroll system should work in an organization.

Profile of Trainer

Daniel is currently a Trainer, Lecturer & Corporate Consultant by profession.  He has a wealth of training and industrial experience in his career.  A passionate life-long learner who is still enjoying the 31st year of his career, Daniel’s strength is in the width of diversity and depth of experience as a Strategic Organizational Leader, a Developer of Human Resources, an Industrialist, an Engineer, an Educator, and a Training & Logistics Consultancy.  As an industrialist for 22 years, Daniel served in positions of Regional Director of Supply Chain;  General Manager of Logistics Operations, General Manager in Thailand (HR, Operations & Logistics), General Manager in Academic & School Operations; Operations Manager; Senior Manager for R&D; Transport and Freight Manager; Manager; Production, Equipment & Materials Planning Manager; Product, Process & Quality Engineer & Senior Manufacturing Supervisor.   He is also an Adjunct Lecturer in a full-time capacity teaching 40 Modules at tertiary levels across 13 prestigious Universities and PEIs, annually.  Daniel has garnered more than 7,300 teaching hours covering Modules like Strategic Management, Compensation Systems, Payroll, Statistics, Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Change Management & Organisational Development  The height of a successful career was when he released his first Logistics book in 2013, published by The Straits Times Press.  In 2012, Daniel was also awarded the (honorary) Silver Medal for Service to Education by MOE.   Daniel was the top graduate in his class attaining a First-class Honours Degree in Engineering & subsequently attained four Master Degrees, including a double-Masters in Human Resources.


T: +65 6278 0097

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Terms and conditions:

  • All payments must be made prior to the seminar in favour of Sage Software Asia Pte Ltd
  • Sage Asia only accepts payment via credit card, cheque or telegraphic transfer (TT)
  • There will be no refund for cancellation or non-attendance.
  • Seats are transferable.