The much-awaited Sage CRM 7.3 standalone release is here!  We list the new features below, and yes, more than Mailchimp integration awaits you. 

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Features overview

Business Accelerators for Sales include a range of pre-configured alerts and notifications, new out-of-the-box sales workflows, new sales dashboards that display a range of reports and charts for better trend analysis, new KPI channels for greater sales performance and the ability to email PDF Quotes & Orders with just one click for rapid sales follow up. Check out the features snapshot below. 

New contemporary look and feel – new top navigation includes all main navigation buttons which were in the left margin. An added line of intuitive buttons are also available in the top right corner of the black bar.



There are 9 new alerts in Sage CRM 7.3. For more details on these changes, click here



Enhancements to current Opportunity workflow include a new Deal Lost rule, and a Cross-sell workflow rule

New Quick Sale workflow, with a recurring communication when On Hold to ensure the opportunity gets followed up on


 New workflows are available to all customers, but changes to existing workflows will not be implemented for upgraded customers.

         • Three new chart types



There are two new Sales dashboards that leverage all the new chart types.

New report category with 10 new reports, including Actuals vs. Target (Dashboard), At Risk Customers (Dashboard), Average Time to Close Opps, Won Sales Leaderboard (Dashboard), Won vs Lost (Dashboard) and more.

PDF Quotes and Orders - For more in-depth technical information, click here

MailChimp Integration and with the Entrepreneur package, up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month free


New Mobile UI creates a unified customer experience across all smartphones and tablets and uses the latest mobile web development framework. 

Other customer enhancements

• Lead deduplication, match rules dedupe on an OR/AND basis, currency symbol & decimal places on chart gadgets, and CK Editor has been updated to the latest version, which has a full screen edit box.

Coming post-release

• Training videos on the Sage CRM video channel. 

• Upgraded iPhone app with a range of new enhancements for Sales users, the ability to display custom fields for people and opportunities, add appointments and tasks, add phone contact as a Personor Lead in Sage CRM, and an improved calendar layout.

• Brand new Android app, which includes all the features that are currently available in the iPhone app, including the new features.

To learn more about these new apps, click here


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