Sage BPO Payroll Partner Program

Are you looking for payroll software for your payroll outsourcing service?

If you are already providing payroll outsourcing service or plan to introduce such a service to your customers, then this innovative program is perfect for you.

Here is why:

Sage BPO Payroll Partner Program

Sage BPO Payroll Partner Program is designed to give you the right tool, coupled with comprehensive training and support, and at prices that makes sense for your kind of business.

Instead of the traditional purchase of licenses which means heavy upfront investment even before you have your first customer, the program is based on a subscription. This means you can scale up or down as necessary without incurring expensive license fees and not having to worry about ancillary costs such as support, training and software updates/upgrades.

The Right Tool

Sage EasyPay together with its full suite of modules is an award-winning product with a long history of support by businesses large and small in Singapore and the region. The product is also widely adopted by many payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore.

It is clearly the most complete and appropriate tool to use for an outsourcing service in the market today.

Comprehensive Training and Support

As a service provider, your success depends heavily on your customer’s experience with your service. This means your people must be well trained and have access to timely support and information.

This program comes with continuing training so that new employees can be trained and old employees getting refreshers, as and when needed. Premium plan level support is also included in this so that you can respond to customer issues quickly and effectively.

Besides, partners also have access to special utility programs and knowledge to make their staff more efficient.

BPO Program Summary

At the heart of the program is a unique pricing scheme that literarily makes it painless to get started. The initial investment needed to enrol is very low and the pay-as-you-use fees are tiered so that it is both practical and attractive.

The whole program is centred on the concept of – We want to invest in your business and grow with you.

How to Get Started

It is easy to get on board this cost effective partnership program. Email us at with reference to the BPO Partner Program and we will have the program partnership team contacting you with the necessary information.