[Preview] Driving Productivity with ePortal & Time Attendance System

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A good Human Resource Management System (HRMS) essentially gives you full visibility on employee resources and insights for HR strategy. In addition, its automated functions can be accessed from anywhere with minimal manual resources required and unwanted human errors eliminated.

Join us at this preview to get an idea of how you can benefit your business and employees with Sage EasyPay's eportal module and time attendance system.

Event Details


6 May or 24 Jun 2016


3:00pm to 5:00pm


Training Room,
Sage Software Asia Pte. Ltd,
8 Commonwealth Lane,
#04-01 Singapore 149555



Event Outline

  • Learn about ePortal and how it can give employees a self service
  • Learn about EasyTime and how it can elimintate manual timesheets and punchcard

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